Virgins at Cold Kiwi and others things

An important message from Jeanette Weedon on behalf of the Club

Are you a Cold Kiwi virgin?? Or are you a seasoned pro? 
Whatever the case here’s a couple of reminders to help everyone enjoy the weekend. After all, we don’t want to send anyone to the ‘Naughty Corner’.

This rally is held on PRIVATE LAND. The kind owners allow us to hold club working bees throughout the year to get things ready for you all and then they’re game enough to let hundreds of bike riding, leather clad, cold kiwis through their farm gates to enjoy a weekend of riding, games, socializing and rocking out to awesome bands. 
They don’t have to let this happen, but they do. And we’re extremely greatful for that.

However, what they (the land owners) and us (RMCC) don’t want is people taking it for granted that they can wander off jumping fences and opening gates wherever they like. This is NOT ok. 
Once there, Please stay within the boundary ie: that ONE paddock that the rally is held in. 
This is called RESPECT.

On another note, regarding behavior.

The rally is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. All ages, all races, all genders, ALL motorcyclists. 
Most of us like to have a few drinks, some maybe more than others. 
Enjoy, but don’t do anything stupid. In that environment people’s lives, bikes and gear can be put at risk very easily and one idiot move can ruin the whole weekend. 
Leave your domestics at home, it’s not the place for it. 
We don’t want to call the Police, but we will if need be. 
Remember everyone is there for the same reason… we all love freezing our dangly bits off! (And we all love Bikes. ❤)

If you’ve read this far without getting bored, then cheers! People need to be informed in order to have a bloody good weekend.

On behalf of The Ruapehu Motorcycle Club