This a run down of frequently asked questions for the Cold Kiwi Rally
All thanks go to Spyda for the original  – titled Cold Kiwi for Dummies
There was one well made point that wasn’t really a question – take a camera – There’s so many toys to see that it’s worth having one of these to take it in later; and to rub your mates who missed out on a damn good weekend noses in it.

I don't know anyone going

A lot of folk who are keen on doing a Cold Kiwi simply haven’t got around to it because they don’t know anyone else going. The key to this is do you really need to go with someone else? If you’re looking for a riding partner ask around, maybe at your local bike shop, or you may want to try www.kiwibiker.co.nz and link up with an individual or a planned group ride that these folks are running from some areas. If you want someone else for company at the Cold Kiwi just arrive. The rally is chocka of folk just like yourself! Everyone is there to socialize with others, the ‘Ice’ was  already broken when you rode through the gate. There are bikes of all shapes and sizes and riders of all shapes and sizes too; and everyone of them has a story to tell including you. Just get amongst it!

When should I buy my ticket ?

This might sound like odd advice for an event that welcomes both Pre-Paid Entrants as well as gate sales  but there are several clear advantages. I usually crack my first tinnie at noon on Saturday; when the events kick off.  The over the counter food is great fodder. Once you’ve got your Pre-Paid ticket in your hot little hand the anticipation starts too, tell your mates; if they’re looking for someone to go with its sorted and the plans unfold. Last but not least the Ruapehu Motorcyle Club have a prize draw for all Pre-Paid entrants too, you could score something too. Entry forms etc www.coldkiwi.co.nz or at most Motorcycle shops.

What’s the best way to get there?

Plan a different Route. The Cold Kiwi is as much a destination and event as is the ride getting there. Wherever you’re riding from take a map out and have a look at some alternatives and give them a shot. Chances are you’ll see others out in the middle of nowhere doing just the same as you; and get chatting…

Is it cold?

Yes and No! There’s no doubt that Cold is a factor of the Cold Kiwi Rally that’s part of the tradition and the challenge too but in reality its easier than one thinks to be in comfort at the Rally. Thermals are a good move; most motorcyclists have already added some to their riding gear as well as a warm hat and gloves too. These items together with you riding gear should be enough to make you forget the cold still if you think you may need more for the weekend hit an Op-Shop. I’m not kidding, you can kit yourself out in gold old fashioned warm clothes for a few bucks and if you don’t want to take them home toss them on the fire! Don’t worry about fashion; there’s no such thing at a Cold Kiwi Rally!

What else do I need to keep warm?

There’s no denying that the Cold Kiwi can at times be as ‘Cold-as-a-Mother-In-Laws-kiss’ so the Ruapehu Motorcycle Club provide plenty of warm spots to head for. There are two huge bonfires at the Cold Kiwi, one for each night, as well as 44-gallon drum fires scattered around the camping areas. If you’re cold when you arrive there’s usually a big gas blower in the Marquee (yes Marquee) to blast some heat into you as well as hot coffee and food 24hrs at the food caravan. Remember the whole concept of the Cold Kiwi Rally is to go out and play when ‘normal’ folk won’t, after all there’s a bit of eccentricity in all of us: just do it!

What's Accommodation like, Is there anywhere else to stay?

While some people visit the Cold Kiwi during daylight hours and scurry off to a Warm Bed for the night the majority spend the night/s on site. You’ll need a good tent, good sleeping bag and either a sleeping mat or grab a few cardboard boxes from the caterers to insulate you from the ground. If you’d rather find a roof over your head for the there’s plenty not to far away but it pays to book early as its still Ski Season at that time of the year. Remember that the gates are closed at night, and as always, don’t drink and ride.

What is there to eat/drink?

There’s full catering facilities 24hrs on site. Hot water is also available at the Food Caravans for you hottie etc. A licensed Bar is well stocked with various products at good prices too. The Parties on when you get to the Rally folks so take it easy on the way there

What sort of events are there

There are several hours of Events at the Cold Kiwi catering for all sorts of people, you can either sit back and watch the happenings or get in amongst them yourself. While some like the Hill Climb and the Wheelie contest take a reasonable amount of skill and of course there’s a risk to your bike, the Ruapehu Motorcycle Club also put on a range of events for the novice too. The slow race is a classic example of this, get some practice in before you get to the Rally if you like; there are also some events that you don’t even need a bike to enter. Prizes are a bonus too; there’s plenty of them at the Cold Kiwi Rally