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Jeanette Weedon is with Mat Northway and 3 others.

Visual Storyteller · September 2 at 12:28 PM

Here goes another novel… *eye roll* lol

What a weekend that was! 
I hope you all made it home safely and enjoyed that sunshine on the way. 
On behalf of the Ruapehu Motorcycle Club I’d like to thank every single one of you that turned up and we really hope to see you all again next year. Without you crazy people we couldn’t keep going. Cheers!
No major incidents reported this year although one of our club helpers had a little too much fun on a quad and scored himself an ambulance ride Friday night…. hope you’re doing well Conky.

This year both bands were asked (yelled at 🤣) for an encore so I think it’s safe to say they were a hit. Thank you to The Blistered Fingers and Greenfloor for braving the cold and entertaining the crowd!

Welcoming you through the farm gate was an “AWESOMESAUCE” crew from the Christian Motorcyclists Association NZ. 
You were such a big help to the RMCC and we appreciate you all!!! Thank you!!!

A huge THANKS goes out to the land owners for letting us use a slice of their paradise and to our generous sponsors:

The Frew Family – Weeping Hills Waiouru 
Supercheap Auto
Eurobike Wholesale Ltd
Century Batteries 
Taura Metal Supplies
Neville Bouskill Mulching
Thomas Donaldson & Family
Bates Family
Phil Kinsey Painting & Decorating 
Hymech Ruapehu Ltd
Drury Motorcycle Performance Centre 
Full Steam Ahead
Gecko Environmental 
Fauldings Electrical 
Onsite Catering
Richard Fleury Landscaping
City Honda – Palmerston North 
Placemakers Ohakune
Sun Valley Logging Rotorua

Apologies if I have missed any sponsors, will add to my list if need be.

A message from my husband RMCC President Dion Weedon ~ 
To ALL club members and the helpers they bring along THANK YOU!! Each and everyone of you have important rolls and without you guys the Cold Kiwi would be non existent. Cheers to Club Captain Mat Northway for taking on the task of being our M.C. this year, you done an awesome job.
Special mentions- James Blincoe (that young fella that gets around faster than a blue arse fly….possibly almost as annoying as one too?! Haha we love ya boy 🤣) … if only the rest of us could borrow a bit of your energy we’d be doing well. Big ups for your extra hard work this weekend and also thank you to ‘Animal’ for your efforts at our last few working bees as well as this year’s rally, you really are an Animal 🤣🤣. 
Mark Blincoe our resident sparkie who works all hours putting up and taking down lighting, sound and everything inbetween, cheers mate.
Last but definitely not least I need to say and extra big Thank you to Clive Bentley. 
He does a hell of a lot more work behind the scenes than anyone realises and I hope he know’s how much we appreciate the effort that he puts into the club.

Bring on the 45th Cold Kiwi!


Thanks to those that came up and introduced yourselves, it was great to meet new people and put some names to faces!

Loving seeing all the photos from this year….ESPECIALLY that blue rav getting a new paint job. When it got stuck Duncan said “it’s alright, James is getting the digger, he’ll get me out, he’s a good boy”. I asked him if he was really really sure about that… because I know what James is like when under the influence of Dion… who may or may not have🤔🤔🤫🤭🤭 instigated the rav burial. The rav survived although it’s windscreen didn’t but it gave us all the best laugh of the weekend!

Cheers everyone, I hope you’re coming back next year!!64Mat Northway, Barney Inwood and 62 others11 Comments2 SharesLikeShow more reactionsCommentShare

  • Jay Adams Cheers guys n gals awesome rally . Once again we’ll see you at the next one .2Hide or report this
  • John Moreland Thanks janette and dion great weekend2Hide or report thisJeanette Weedon replied · 1 Reply
  • Robert Hansen Thanks all. See you next year.2Hide or report this
  • Terry Smith Cheers and thanks.yes our group will be the kiwi.2Hide or report this
  • Dean Monk Cheers RMCC! It’s been over 30 years since I’ve been, used to go pillon with my dad on his Yamaha SR500 when I was little. He died last year aged 90 and I got back into bikes in his memory. The CK hasn’t changed, great people from all the walks of life, amazing bikes and crazy antics! See you next year, I’m counting down already!!5Hide or report this
  • Carl Jasmine Chaytor Thank RMCC had a blast as always you all run a amazing event which I will be coming back to next year for sure and will bring as many as I can2Hide or report this
  • Richard Meikle Awesome weekend will be back with more reinforcements , till next year2Hide or report this
  • Michael Annalize Romkes Great weekend. Well done RMCC. To all attendees, even though there were a few who blew over the limit Sunday morning, all n all very impressed. I will definitely be back next year for my 15th Cold kiwi rally. Michael CMA NZ President4Hide or report this
  • Arthur Dent My first kiwi was 1986, been to many since (at four different sites), happy to report that this year’s was easily one of the very best! Basically:
    1. The new site is Awesome, large, dry and very well laid out.
    2. The facilities are great, warm dry toil…See More5Hide or report this
  • Mark O’connor Well done guys and girls a great weekend and I saw Clive’s wife today and apparently he’s shattered so cheers Clive you’re a legend3Hide or report this
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Events Update

Jeanette Weedon

2 hrs


We aim to start the events at approximately 11am on the Saturday of the Cold Kiwi this year.

Starting with the recently re-named Christian Riders Hill Climb – they’re the friendly team that help out the club and offer free breath testing to everyone.

Then the Helmet Dash – you’ve gotta be fast or you’re last. Win yourself a new Nolan Helmet.

Winner of the Helmet Dash will receive a Voucher for the Nolan Full Face Helmet

Then moving up to the flat area for Iron Man, Iron Woman. Hold on so you don’t get burnt 😉

After that it’s the Weiner Snatch. If you haven’t participated in that before I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Then we’ll have the Tug of War. Get your team of 5 (minimum) together now and choose a team name.

And while that’s going on it gives you time to get your bike down to the folks at Drury Motorcycles to get your tyre changed ready for the BURNOUT COMPETITION.

Time permitting, The slippery pole will be in the marquee that evening.

Hill Climb Sponsored by Neville Bouskill.

Burnout sponsored by Drury Motorcycle Performance Centre & Sun Vally Logging.

Tug of War sponsored by Century Batteries & Supercheap Auto.

A great selection of prizes for all events sponsored by Penrite.

Online Sales Still Open

Online Sales are still open but they close on Sunday Night . Pre Pay save over $20 off Pay at Gate prices

Gates open at 3pm on Friday .

Clothing items can be collected in the marquee on Saturday . Some stock will be for sale and orders taken for delivery courier.

Virgins at Cold Kiwi and others things

An important message from Jeanette Weedon on behalf of the Club

Are you a Cold Kiwi virgin?? Or are you a seasoned pro? 
Whatever the case here’s a couple of reminders to help everyone enjoy the weekend. After all, we don’t want to send anyone to the ‘Naughty Corner’.

This rally is held on PRIVATE LAND. The kind owners allow us to hold club working bees throughout the year to get things ready for you all and then they’re game enough to let hundreds of bike riding, leather clad, cold kiwis through their farm gates to enjoy a weekend of riding, games, socializing and rocking out to awesome bands. 
They don’t have to let this happen, but they do. And we’re extremely greatful for that.

However, what they (the land owners) and us (RMCC) don’t want is people taking it for granted that they can wander off jumping fences and opening gates wherever they like. This is NOT ok. 
Once there, Please stay within the boundary ie: that ONE paddock that the rally is held in. 
This is called RESPECT.

On another note, regarding behavior.

The rally is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. All ages, all races, all genders, ALL motorcyclists. 
Most of us like to have a few drinks, some maybe more than others. 
Enjoy, but don’t do anything stupid. In that environment people’s lives, bikes and gear can be put at risk very easily and one idiot move can ruin the whole weekend. 
Leave your domestics at home, it’s not the place for it. 
We don’t want to call the Police, but we will if need be. 
Remember everyone is there for the same reason… we all love freezing our dangly bits off! (And we all love Bikes. ❤)

If you’ve read this far without getting bored, then cheers! People need to be informed in order to have a bloody good weekend.

On behalf of The Ruapehu Motorcycle Club


Food at Cold Kiwi

Jeanette Weedon

Posted on Face Book on behalf of the Club

Now we know some of you like to bring everything including the kitchen sink… but you don’t have to! (It is a bike rally after all 🤭😉)

Onsite Caterers (the big truck by the marquee) have a selection of food and drink available 24/7 for you to purchase. 

But, if that’s not your ‘cup of tea’ and providing you’re not over the limit, there’s some yummy places to eat in Waiouru, only 2 km up the road. 

Cold Kiwi is strictly a NO BYO Event

For Menus and whats at the Bar check out those items in Latest Info for full lists

FREE tea and coffee provided 24/7 and water is available FREE at the bar as well.

The New Rally Site is at Waiouru (Not Horopito)

Hey guys and gals.

In case of any confusion, we would like to clarify that the 2019 rally (and any future rallies) will definitely be at the SAME site as last year, which is 2km out of Waiouru (heading towards Ohakune) .

It has been brought to our attention that an ad in the events section of the latest Bike Rider Magazine states that this years rally is at Horopito.

This is NOT correct.

It was a fantastic rally last year and we hope to see you all back this year. Ps. Bring ya mates!

Please share this post and/or let anyone else know that may not be on Facebook.


Not long now!!!

Ferry Discounts for Interislander


Cold Kiwi Bike Rally

Group Booking Reference:                  FA5365

The below rates are based on return travel, prices to date, inclusive of GST and subject to availability.

Fares:                                                         Each way

Adult                                                           $47.00

Premium Lounge                                     $55.00 18yrs plus

Child                                                            $25.00


Up to 5.5 metres                                       $124.00

Extra half meter over 5.5m                      $20.00

Motor Cycle                                               $40.00

Group Booking conditions and instructions for members are:

  • Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander
  • Online at
  • Entering FA5365 into the Discount Code box.
  • Every reservation will be given an expiry/payment date, required to be paid in full by that date
  • Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request
  • Bookings 90% refundable if cancelled after payment
  • Confirmed entry for Cold Kiwi event to be shown at check in
  • Riders to bring own tie downs
  • Fares valid for travel 01 August through to 30 September 19
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